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Interview #6 – Erasmus, un étudiant allemand découvre Rennes

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Le Flâneur a rencontré Lennart, étudiant à Rennes School of Business grâce au programme Erasmus +. Fraîchement arrivé en France, il nous fait part de ses impressions sur notre belle ville de Rennes.


Raconte-moi ton parcours, ta vie, qu’est ce qui t’a amené en France ?
Tell me your school path, your story. What brought you to France ?

After finishing high-school in Cologne, Germany, I had enough of studying for a while  so I decided to take a gap year in Toronto, Canada, where I got a job at Audi. I did not only enjoy the country and its people, but I genuinely loved working in the automotive industry. Ultimately, I wanted to use my work with Audi as the start of my career path. By being a German in Canada working for a German company, I thought studying International Business would be an adequate choice. Dutch Universities are famous for their cheap, yet great English-based programmes so I applied and got into the the « University of Groningen » in September 2015. A semester abroad is a mandatory part of my programme – That is the reason why I am currently abroad.

Quand es-tu arrivé en France ? Pourquoi as-tu choisi de venir à Rennes ?
When did you arrive in France ? Why did you choose to come to Rennes ?

I will never forget my first day in Rennes. It was Wednesday the 31st of January 2018 – A rainy and cold day. I had many options to go to but I chose to come to Rennes because, with it being in the heart of Brittany,  I thought it may be one of the most authentic cities in France.

Qu’est-ce que tu fais à Rennes ?
What are you doing in Rennes  ?

I am a participant of the Erasmus  UTCG 4 exchange programme at the Rennes School of Business.

Est ce que tu as des passions ? Peux tu les poursuivre à Rennes ?
Do you have any passion ? Can you fulfill it in Rennes ?

I really enjoy photography in all its forms – Street, Portrait, Architecture… etc.
Rennes, Brittany or even France in general is a great place to be for this passion. The architecture, the nature and the people offer great opportunities to become creative through a lens. So far I was able to take great pictures of the Rennes Opera, Republique and Parc des Gayeulles.

Est-ce que ça a été facile de s’installer ?
How it was to settle in, did you find a place easily ?

    It definitively wasn’t easy, but it wasn’t too hard either. Due to a semester overlap between my home institution and Rennes School of Business, I missed all the introductory events organized by the School forcing me to arrange all arrival aspects by myself. However, unlike suggested by many hidious clichés, French people were very welcoming and helpful towards my persona. Thanks to their kind support and guidance it took only one or two weeks for me to feel at home.

    Quels conseils donnerais-tu à un quelqu’un qui souhaite étudier en France ?
    Which advices would you give to someone who would like to study in France ?

    Whoever decides to study in France has little to worry about as long as that individual is open-minded and tolerant to minor differences. Talking from my personal experience, I further recommend them to seek engagement with local French people over fellow internationals as they can provide the most authentic experience and even friendships.

    Qu’est-ce qui pour toi est la plus grosse différence avec l’Allemagne ?
    What is the biggest difference between Germany and France ?

    With it being a huge « no-go » in Germany, the first thing I noticed was that French individuals do not care about red pedestrian traffic lights – Interestingly I already adopted this French habit. Another thing I noticed is that French people are more careful in using the term « friend ». In all the places I lived before, the term is used quite often and rather casually with a great amount of people. Using it less, like the French, is  not a bad thing as it maintains the original meaning of the word. Oh, and parts of the French road infrastructure requires expensive tolls – something unimagineable in Germany…

    Qu’est-ce que tu apprécies le plus dans la ville ? Qu’est ce que tu aimes le plus en France ?
    What do you like the most in Rennes ? and in France generally ?

    I really like Rennes citizens. Like mentioned in a previous questions, Bretragne people do not fulfill the typical chliché. They are very warm, welcoming and proud individuals. France in general offers amazing nature, architecuture, history and food of which I have yet a lot to try.

    Il t’est arrivé quelque chose “d’étrange”, de non conventionnel, qui t’a surpris, en France ?
    Has something surprising ever happened to you since your here ?

    Yes. Being an international student I expected to spend my free time with other Erasmus students. However, and completely far from my expectation, I was kindly welcomed by the Le Flaneur association of RSB which I cannot thank enough for their party hostpitality and for dealing  with my non-existent French skills.

    Un restaurant ou un bar que tu conseilles ?
    Is there a restaurant or a bar that you like in the city ?

    I enjoy Le Kenland, it is the first bar I went to in Rennes.


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