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Le Congrès

613 766 Le Flâneur Rennais

If you are looking for a refined environment to enjoy leisurely weekends or enjoy an ideal date, Le Congrès is your perfect choice.


Palace on the Street

When you first enter this restaurant, you will be attracted to the seductive atmosphere conveyed by its vintage and modern indoor design, especially those exquisite lights that in the evening will make you feel like being immersed in ‘Starry Night’.

There are lounge seats with cozy corduroy couches and long marble tables under golden lamps, so whether you plan a cosy chat reclining on pillows after work or a celebratory brunch of friends, Le Congrès can definitely meet your needs.

A Bright Start


The first step of your journey in Le Congrès is ordering a slide of refreshing salmon with pomelo sauce as a starter. Marinated in pomelo juice, this raw salmon will seduce you with its combination of silky textures and the sweetness of its fruits.

What if you are not a salmon lover? Many other choices await, offering you a satisfying experience. A plate of creamy vegetables soup accompanied with savory garlic breads will let the flavor of garden bloom on your tongue. A bowl of crispy bacon can also make for an amazing appetizer.

Tantalizing Steak


When it comes to main course, our fabulous filet mignon will exceed your expectations. Get ready for it! Delivering the maximum amount of tenderness and juiciness, the steak is medium rare inside with a nice crust on the edges.

As an accompaniment, I personally recommend roasted sweet potatoes, with their crispy outside and mashed inside. You will be pleasantly surprised by the mystic chemistry between flavorful yam and perfect steak.

Dream Dessert

Lastly, if you have a sweet tooth, don’t miss those delicate desserts. From traditional caramel vanilla pudding or famous chestnut mousse topped with hazelnut, to the dreamy melt-in-mouth lemon meringue with fresh lemon ice cream as a summertime special, any of these will provide a memorable ending to your gourmet journey in Le Congrès.


Don’t be hesitating. Start and share your adventure in Le Congrès with the people you love.


Restaurant Le Congrès

21, rue de St-Malo, Rennes

Telephone: 02 99 63 89 39

Price: €€

Service: Good

Open Hours: Monday to Saturday 12:00am – 2:30pm / 7:00pm – 11:00pm


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