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Le Guide pratique des Rennais

Atypical bars
1000 667 Le Flâneur Rennais

FOX & FRIENDS PUB 13, rue de la Monnaie – Phone: 02 56 51 73 89 If you want to travel to Ireland for just one night, get together in…

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Nice places
745 551 Le Flâneur Rennais

Oh, my biche 18, mail François Mitterrand – Phone: 09 82 28 66 36   Do you want to take advantage of a terrace? Here you can take a break…

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Coffee shops
619 825 Le Flâneur Rennais

Le Haricot Rouge 10, rue Baudrairie – Phone: 02 99 79 36 23 Are you looking for a nice place to have lunch or to take a break during your…

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Exotic places
550 734 Le Flâneur Rennais

Monsieur Yak 10, rue de la Chalotais – Phone: 02 99 53 38 40     Want to go somewhere else, but unable to leave on the spur of the…

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Italian food
685 514 Le Flâneur Rennais

Angello 4, place de Bretagne – Phone : 06 74 74 74 89 Known by the reputation of its head chef Yann Dayer, this restaurant is way more than a…

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Le Congrès
613 766 Le Flâneur Rennais

If you are looking for a refined environment to enjoy leisurely weekends or enjoy an ideal date, Le Congrès is your perfect choice.   Palace on the Street When you…

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