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Harry Potter Peripheral products buyer store in Rennes

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At the Sorcerers’ Counter

Au Comptoir des sorciers

2 RUE MARECHAL JOFFRE, RENNES / Phone : 09 52 14 25 74


 If you’re a serious Potterhead, you can’t miss this neighborhood store, which is like the “Diagon Alley” in the muggle world. There are plenty of magic tools and related products can be chose in it.


The shop is not far away from the station of république, it takes 3 minutes on foot. The logo of this shop is a palpable wizard hat on stone wall with words “AU COMPTOIR” on it.
Accompanied by Hogwarts theme song, stepping into this store is like coming to the miniature castle of Harry Potter. There will satisfy the little desire for the magical world. The style of the entire store is full of vintage. A wide range of goods can be slowly selected. If you don’t want to buy anything, you can stroll around and interact with the “magic items” on the shelves as well: For instance, you can try to touch the top of the candle by hand, which will make you surprise.

There are rife magic items on sale, such as wands, wizards’ robes, toys, crowns, necklaces, accessories, and other interesting products. Both daily necessities and souvenirs are available. No matter which Hogwarts College you like, or the characters in Harry Potter, you can find the corresponding surroundings here. It’s also a great idea to be a gift to a friend who likes Harry Potter’s magic world. This shop offers a free packaging service that can be packaged in the magical world at the door, which will definitely make the person receiving the gift refreshed.

Furthermore, the store’s magical items will be constantly updated. It is fantastic to visit the store from time to time, in order to find new magical products arrived. It’s like the items in the magical world, suddenly popping up.
In addition to buying your favorite neighborhoods, this store also has a lot of models and props to appreciate. If you exaggerate some of the descriptions, it’s like a small Harry Potter show for visitors to explore the magic items that were once in the original book or in the movie.

Opening hours : Friday to Saturday (10:30 am – 7:00 pm) and Monday (2:00 pm -7:00 pm).

Come and visit the “magic world” for a short time. It shall never regret it!