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Angelo Italian food restaurant

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Angello Dei Lices Location

4 Rue des Innocents, 35000 Rennes

Recommended reason:
This is a pizza restaurant in the city centre, which could be easily found. It only takes a few minutes to walk after getting off from subway station St. Anne and transportation is very convenient in Rennes.

It is a good choice if you would like to taste delicious pizza with your friends in available times. The decor of this restaurant is just like other fast food restaurants, simple and warm, with charming background music. Also, it is a suitable environment whether to eat fast food, or to enjoy food slowly and have a chat with friends.

This restaurant is main famous for pizza in a variety of styles and flavors. There are a lot of different pizzas to choose from, and each one has own unique appeal. Pizzas in this restaurant are so delicious, which always leads an individual to endless aftertastes and makes one want to try other flavors of pizza on the menu.

Moreover, the serving speed is very fast, and there is almost no need to wait after ordering. The scented pizza will be served on the table by the waiter in few minutes. You can quickly enjoy the food you want to eat. Although the speed of serving is fast, it does not affect the quality of the pizza, that each one has a tempting aroma. What’s more, it is very cost-effective on the price. So it is no need to worry if you are a big stomach, just come and enjoy meals. In fact, a good dining experience will make people feel more like it.

Some customers who chose have dinner in here showed their love to the restaurant, they said the food here gives their good memories and perfect experiences. They are willing to be repeat customers for this restaurant’s tasty food and charming services. In addition, this dessert is also worth mentioning, its deliciousness can be comparable to a special dessert shop. The range of choice is in quantity as well. Personally recommend a chocolate ice cream bread dessert for two people to eat together. Rich chocolate with refreshing vanilla ice cream, it will melt immediately in mouth, and eating with bread will eliminate too much sweetness, which is one of the most popular desserts.

Do not hesitate to have a try. Taste both pizza and dessert at the same time, and the atmosphere of the whole store is very relaxed. It is really a great choice for leisure and entertainment, especially with friends.


For reservation

Telephone : 06 74 74 74 89
Site web (you can reserve online) : https://www.angello-pizza-rennes.fr